translated by falions

    Information from CC Corp              

Congratulations on your selection into VERSUS: The World’s closed beta test!

    Server Status Notice              

Access to VERSUS: The World has temporarily been suspended in order to investigate server troubles. We expect service to be restored shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Information from CC Corp              

The server has resumed regular functions.

    Server Trouble Information              

After our management’s internal investigation, we have discovered that the cause of the server trouble earlier was due to a malicious hacker.

We are currently looking into this matter, and will follow up when more information is available.

Legal action will be taken.

We would like to apologize to all who were inconvenienced.

    To the Champion...              

Nice to meet you, champion.
I’ve modified the Yomoyama Records’ format to make sure this message only reaches you. This is pretty sudden for a first meeting, but I’ve got a request: can you fight me?

VERSUS: The World should work now, so try logging in from your desktop.
When you do, there should be a battle point selection screen, where players can battle each other online.

There’s something I want to confirm.
Your power.
Your “potential.”


Hit that new battle point. I’ll be waiting there. - 9

    Thank you              

This text should only be visible to you.

I’ve been looking for a player like you for a while now.
I’ve fought countless people.
But none of them were like you.
You have the “potential.”

…But this is something I shouldn’t be discussing here.
Thank you for challenging me.
You really helped me out.

    To all beta testers              

Regarding yesterday’s server trouble, we are getting closer to identifying the exact identity behind the account responsible for yesterday’s server trouble. Once identified, we will be taking legal action.

We would like to apologize for the inconvenience.

The server is expected to recover soon.
Please standby.


It’s me. 9.
It’s too dangerous to use the Yomoyama Records right now, so I’m writing to you directly from within your terminal.

You’ve probably already figured it out, but I’m that “malicious hacker” CC Corp keeps talking about.
That may be so, but I’m doing something real important here…
That’s why I’m requesting that you fight me again.

I need to confirm your “potential.”
Hit that new battle point on the selection screen!

Come and fight me one more time. - 9

This second fight has made it clear: you’re the one I’m looking for. Or, rather, the person my partners and I have been looking for. You’re able to resist the digital world!

There are sinister experiments being performed behind the scenes of this closed beta test.
You’ve seen people’s names suddenly log in and then disappear, right?
Those are users who are forcibly being digitalized into the game’s world.

As to what these experiments are for exactly… we’re not really sure.
All we know is that they’re definitely not for good purposes!

You have the ability to resist Real Digitalize! More specifically, you’re capable of cancelling a forced digitalization.
In other words, only you can fight back against the forces behind this experiment!

I’m begging you, we need your help!

    To all beta testers              

This is a follow-up to the server trouble from the other day.

It seems that the hacker is using a technique that spreads an unknown computer virus between users that puts a heavy load on the server. If you are to encounter hackers in any form, it is requested that all beta testers immediately refuse any requests or contact.

Please note that if you knowingly and willingly aid a hacker you would be considered as an accessory to illegal computer access and creation of illegal electronic data in a court of law. Criminal charges will be pursued.

The server is expected to recover soon, so please standby.


I’ve figured out how to save the people trapped in the game!
I’ve traced the cause of the issue to a certain battle point on the selection screen.

This is a special point that emits a dangerous digitalization signal that forces players to real digitalize, and then they lose in battle because they can’t control their bodies properly.
Luckily for us, though, this battle point is also the weakest point of the server since it’s right by its core.

If you overload the server at that battle point, you can force the whole system down temporarily! If we can use a reset program on the server at that exact time, then everyone who’s been real digitalized will be freed!

The only person who can overload the server is you. In other words, you’re the only one who can enter the final boss’ domain!

The reset program is being developed by a friend of mine as we speak.
I’ll contact you again when it’s finished!


Despite repeated requests, it seems that some users are colluding with hackers and taking malicious actions against the server. As said before, colluding with hackers is a crime in an international court. CC Corp administration will persecute those engaging in conspiracy without haste.

We sincerely apoloigze for any inconvenience this has brought you. Thank you for your cooperation in stabilizing server opration.

It is unlikely to be true, but if you are cooperating with a hacker and taking malicious actions against the company, you will be subject to severe punishment. Please take heed of this.


Looks like CC’s got us figured out…
If I get into contact with you again, you’ll likely be put in danger. Trust me, they’re serious.

I’m cutting you out. You shouldn’t be involved with this anymore. It’d be suspicious if you just suddenly stopped playing, so keep playing as if nothing happened.

I won’t message you anymore.
Forget about me.

…I’m sorry for involving you in all this.

This is an automated message.

If you’re reading this, it means I failed in my mission and got caught.
As a last resort, I’m asking you for your help again…

Please! It doesn’t matter which character you use…
You’ve gotta take on the final boss of the Platinum Rank on the battle point selection screen.
That’s where the server’s core is located!

I’m sure whatever’s there is going to be real tough…
But there’s no one but you that can do it!

Only you can save those trapped in the digital world!

    The end of the closed beta              

Unfortunately, due to constant attacks by hackers, it has become impossible to continue service for VERSUS: The World. It is sudden, but we will be ceasing the closed beta test in order to analyze the data and prevent attacks in future tests. Thank you for your cooperation.

In addition, the beta itself can continue to be able to be played offline. We look forward to your continued patronage of CC Corp.