HK: Are you accessing?
grandpa: yeah, i'm here
HK: OK, good, looks like the computers are all networked now
HK: I've been messing with this stuff all day
HK: Finally figured it out
grandpa: good work
grandpa: want a raise?
HK: What?
HK: For real?
grandpa: no
HK: God dammit
HK: I want a Playstation
grandpa: lol
HK: I see you picked one of the default icons
HK: What's with the username anyway
grandpa: you don't know?
grandpa: i have a grandkid
HK: Oh
grandpa: in fact
grandpa: the day of the experiment will be his birthday
HK: Really?
grandpa: yes
HK: Tell him happy birthday for me then
grandpa: i won't
grandpa: what kind of thing is that to say?
grandpa: my lab assistant says happy birthday, congrats on turning 7
grandpa: what 7 year old cares about you
HK: Wow
HK: But I guess I didn't care about my grandpa's coworkers when I was 7 either
grandpa: that's right
grandpa: to kids we're just invisible people who do invisible things
grandpa: we simply press the buttons and the world continues to spin
HK: That's kind of sad
HK: When you put it like that
grandpa: why
HK: Because our existence isn't recognized
grandpa: shut the fuck up
grandpa: all you do is press buttons
grandpa: that's sad?
grandpa: that's bliss
grandpa: the kid gets to sit there on his ass and enjoy life in its purest form
grandpa: a dream
HK: I'm sorry
HK: I didn't mean to offend
grandpa: i'm not offended
grandpa: trust me
HK: Anyway
HK: I think this is enough testing the system
grandpa: the novelty is starting to wear off
grandpa: instant messaging
grandpa: you know what's instant messaging?
grandpa: talking
grandpa: nothing more instant than that
HK: I'm starting to prefer talking to you like this
HK: Less scary this way
grandpa: i'm scary?
grandpa: fuck off
grandpa: nothing should scare you more than what's happening here
grandpa: in this place
grandpa: on my grandkid's birthday
HK: That's right
grandpa: of course it's right
grandpa: ok time to stop messing around
grandpa: you can come back from the storeroom now
grandpa: i'm not sure why we even need this
grandpa: we work in the same room almost all day anyway
HK: It's not for us
HK: It's for the investors
HK: And the higher ups who'll be observing
HK: You know, to make last minute changes or anything like that
grandpa: oh
grandpa: those bastards
grandpa: when i agreed to work here i was promised no interference
grandpa: what a load of crap that was
grandpa: it’s a shame we let know-nothings control the flow of things
grandpa: what kind of “changes” could they ever make that are meaningful?
grandpa: people who think with their wallets don’t know what meaning is
grandpa: anyway
grandpa: this instant messaging thing sure makes you talk about shit you didn’t mean to
grandpa: make sure to delete this chatlog when we're done
grandpa: you can do that, right?
HK: I think so
grandpa: no one is reading this anyway
grandpa: nobody understands computers
grandpa: let alone what a half-reality experiment even is
HK: Haha
grandpa: i can hear that
grandpa: your laugh
grandpa: ok
grandpa: i'm logging off
grandpa: i'm serious though delete this stuff
grandpa: let's begin the tests
grandpa: we need to greet the bossman anyway
HK: Alright
HK: I'll see you there