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TRANSLATION: @falions_

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.hack//Versus Installation Guide

1. Ripping your ISO

It is illegal to share or download disk images of games you do not own. To legally acquire the files of .hack//Versus, you must purchase the game and have a computer with a Blu-ray drive to do it. There are plenty of guides on how to do this online, here is RPCS3's own.

2. Download the patch & xDelta

Download the patch and xDelta, the two required files for this alongside the Versus ISO.

3. Configure xDelta

step 1
Launch xDelta.
For "patch," locate the patch.xdelta file and double click it.

step 2
For "source," navigate to your RPCS3 folder and click "dev_hdd0"

step 3
Click "game"

step 4
Click "BLJS93008"

step 5
Click "USRDIR"

step 6
Click "data"

step 7
click "HDD"

step 8
double click "data.cpk"

step 9
In xDelta, under "output," navigate to the same folder (it should usually default there), and then type in "data_new.cpk" for the file name. Do not click data.cpk again by mistake.

step 10
Your xDelta should be ready. Click "patch," and wait until it gives you confirmation that it has patched. The program might freeze while it works.

step 11
Rename "data.cpk" to "data_old.cpk". Do not delete this file! In case a new patch is released, you will need to revert to this one.

step 12
Rename "data_new.cpk" to "data.cpk"

Run the game. It should load in English now.

RPCSN Net Play Set Up Guide

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